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Shady tactics

We have been able to use the myChevrolet app to remotely lock/unlock and start our vehicle for over a year now, until today. I'm not sure if this is related to an app update, but when I opened the app this morning, I was logged out. So, I logged back...

angelah by New Contributor
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My Chevy App

This app seems to work sometimes but more often than not it breaks down. Does anyone have an app that works all the time? I have contacted OnStar tech support more times than I can count and have not gotten things corrected. Mine takes forever to log...

dasalzer by New Contributor
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No Remote Start button

Just took delivery of a 2022 Silverado refreshed RST this week. At the dealership when setting up the myChevrolet app, I was able to connect to the truck and have access to lock/unlock, but there is no remote start button in the app, and for diagnost...

blake by New Contributor
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MyCadillac - Charge Status

MyCadillac Lyriqs charge status will not show in the app. I have full access to all of the other functions such as remote start, temperature control and can view tire pressure. However, the main thing i need for an electric car, is to see my Charge S...

5607 by New Contributor
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I just feel plain out abandoned. I’ve used this app and payed for it faithfully. Now, all of a sudden I’ve lost all of my features only to be left with roadside ??? I already have roadside through the dealership. I needed the unlock and other vehicle...

Linking MyGMC app to Alexa using MyGMC & OnStar

Hi all, I’m trying to start my GMC truck with Alexa which requires you to link MyGMC with Alexa. Every time I attempt this it fails and tells me “The input entered is invalid” Yes the username and password are correct for MyGMC app. Anyone have a fix...

PT by New Contributor
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MYGMC App sync

So, recently we started having issues with her and my phone app showing the same information. We both have our 2019 Acadia on the GMC app on both phones - she can start it, I don't get notified it is running and my app doesn't show it running. I can ...

nfengel by New Contributor
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Remote start question using my chevrolet app

Hi there: I have a new 2023 Silverado Custom with no automatic climate control, just the basic Custom a/c system. When I start the truck using the mobile app the a/c will turn on automatically, even if I turned it off the last time I used it. Is this...

BossTruck by New Contributor
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My GMC app is Terrible

I HAD a 2020 GMC Terrain Denali and had the My GMC app for that vehicle, ALL was good, it would let me do EVERYTHING including adding apps allow to adjust Sirius radio settings ,EVERYTHING !! We traded that vehicle in on a 2023 GMC Yukon SLT and we h...

JWP by New Contributor II
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myGMC family sharing invite not working

brand new 2023 yukon denali and i must say this gmc app is terrible compared to other brands. It seems buggy and i can't get the family sharing invite emails to send to any email address. I must say for the price I am dissapointed. Comparable manufac...

myChevrolet App Issues

I have had the following issues with the myChevrolet app since an update back in February. These are all documented issues. When is Executive Escalations going to fix these? 1. "Vehicle Status" > "Fuel Efficiency" - Not working (Bogus number) - Can't...