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super cruise map updates

Is there a location we can go to that shows the roads that are currently available for super cruise? It would help with planning a trip route.

Super cruise 400,000 mile update

When will they send out updates to the 400,000 mapped super cruise miles? There are no mapped miles within 20 miles of my town. The 400,000 mapped at least does include one of the highways to my town.

Super Cruise Doesn't work

I have a 2023 Yukon Denali with Super Cruise and hasn't worked from day one and drive every day on mapped roads around Michigan. Screen Icon never comes on as available and when I push the super cruise button just says unavailable. no other messages ...

MB1 by New Contributor
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Super Cruise Bay Area I-80, 680 etc

Where can I test Super Cruise? The road says compatible, but I can not get it to work. I have not had it work since I bought the vehicle in Feb, it is a 2023 Denali with Super Cruise/Lane Change etc.Never get the White icon, and when I click when in ...

Super Cruise - Follow map

Question - if I set my destination based off the map - shouldn’t super cruise follow the directions until it comes to a non-approved Super Cruise road?

JFRASER98 by New Contributor
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What is Automatic Lane Change?

When using Super Cruise,™1 Automatic Lane Change can steer the vehicle to perform a single lane change. For example, if enabled, the system can pass a slower vehicle in its lane, change lanes if the current lane is ending or change lanes to provide s...

Where can I use Super Cruise?

Super Cruise™1 can be engaged only on compatible roads where lanes are separated from opposing traffic — think a limited-access divided highway, not a suburban street. There are currently more than 200,000 miles of Super Cruise–enabled roads in the U...

Super Cruise Face Recognition

Face recognition fails frequently on bright days when the sun hits the camera from the windows or sunroof. Is there some kind of shade available to eliminate this problem?

What is Super Cruise?

Super Cruise™1 is the future of driving, making driving on compatible roads more convenient. The cutting-edge system is the first true hands-free driver assistance technology. It uses cameras, sensors, GPS data and LiDAR map data, and steers to maint...

Why do I need a paid plan to use Super Cruise?

Super Cruise™1 uses a data connection for real-time, precise positioning of the vehicle, as well as to download regular map updates. That helps ensure your vehicle has the most up-to-date, accurate maps available for hands-free driving. An active, el...

My trial is ending. How do I keep using Super Cruise?

Because Super Cruise™1 needs an active data connection, you need to sign up for the Super Cruise plan to keep enjoying the future of driving after your three-year trial period ends. 1Always pay attention while driving and when using Super Cruise. Do ...

How do I sign up for the Super Cruise plan?

Super Cruise™1–equipped vehicles come with three years of access to the data connectivity required for Super Cruise functionality. But when that ends, you’ll want to sign up for the Super Cruise plan so you don’t lose access to this convenient, cutti...