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Added 2nd vehicle and now it’s a mess

Added a second vehicle to the app. Since then I can only see the second vehicle on the app. I can access the onstar data stats but nothing else. Calling onstar is an absolute waste of time. I need someone who can help me because I am sick of paying f...

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GMC App not connecting to vehicle

Just purchased a new GMC less than a week ago Downloaded My GMC Mobile App > Added vehicle by VIN but doesnt connect > keeps directing me to onstar to connect to services > call onstar through blue button > ask me for credit card info for free trial,...

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Remote Access Plan and Send to Navigation

I have the Remote Access Plan, the plan states that I have "Send to Navigation" from my phone app to my vehicle. I can enter a destination on the mobile app's map, I'm given several options: Spend to Maps, Waze, Google Maps, or Send to Turn-by-turn o...

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85k Canadian Truck Data Plan doesnt Transfer to US

Bought a 2023 Yukon Denali with every single option possible. The truck was originally built as a Canada market truck. Now that it's converted by a US Dealer and I bought it OnStar claims the 36 month unlimited data plan doesn't transfer to the US. S...

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Diagnostic Alert; Low Tire Pressure

I received a Diagnostic Alert stating my Rt Front Tire Pressure was low. I checked the pressure, was a couple of pounds different, not anything drastically, so I added a couple of pounds. The following day, I receive another Diagnostic Alert stating ...

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GMC App won’t load

I downloaded the GMC app and created an account. Once I log in, nothing will load. It just shows the GMC symbol with a moving white bar at the top. I have tried logging in on a different device and the same thing happens. I have also uninstalled and ...

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Vehicle Showing as Not Connected in myGMC app

I have an active onstar subscription but I cannot manage my vehicle from the myGMC account as the vehicle is not showing as connected. I don’t see any options to link my onstar account to that vehicle. Tried removing the app and reinstalling as well ...

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OnStar Fan

I’m a big fan of OnStar and GM. I have awesome experiences with OnStar services and assistance. Such a great company with great advisors!! Best wishes 

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My Buick iOS app login problem

I used all means to run my Buick app on my iPhone but I know I can't log in. I've tried dozens of times, but I keep getting only the messages below. What the hell is the problem?

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Resolved! Lane centering with Super Cruise

Can lane centering be adjusted or refined to provide more of a buffer from other traffic? Most people naturally drive more to the edges of outer lanes, whereas SuperCruise always puts you in the middle. It would be ideal if that feature could be refi...

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