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Issue with app updating vehicle status

Hello,My app has not synced with the vehicle in over a week, also when I tried to use the "OnStar" button with in my truck it did not connect or do anything. I have had my truck and the this round of OnStar for this vehicle and it just began to be an...

My Cadillac App Vehicle Status Not Updating

I have a 2023 Cadillac Escalade. My Cadillac App in not updating the status of my vehicle and has been out of sync for months. The last status update was at 10, 326 miles and I currently have over 13,000 miles on the vehicle. I have reinstalled the a...

Heritage by New Contributor
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My Chevrolet app - unable to retrieve....

Just bought a 2023 Bolt and trying to use the my Chevrolet app. Can't get past the login page and get the "unable to retrieve account details" error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, restarted the phone and it just doesn't work. What are t...

Amyo by New Contributor
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Remote Access Plan and Send to Navigation

I have the Remote Access Plan, the plan states that I have "Send to Navigation" from my phone app to my vehicle. I can enter a destination on the mobile app's map, I'm given several options: Spend to Maps, Waze, Google Maps, or Send to Turn-by-turn o...

GTDJr by New Contributor
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GMC App not connecting to vehicle

Just purchased a new GMC less than a week ago Downloaded My GMC Mobile App > Added vehicle by VIN but doesnt connect > keeps directing me to onstar to connect to services > call onstar through blue button > ask me for credit card info for free trial,...

GMCpickup by New Contributor
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myBuick Vehicle Status Unavailable

2015 Buick Enclave - myBuick Version 6.22.2 (4316)Vehicle Status has been unavailable for about 3 weeks. Keeps saying "Unable to Connect" and 'There was an issue connecting". I can remote start and lock/unlock my vehicle.The app will locate the vehic...

Mousky by New Contributor II
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My Buick iOS app login problem

I used all means to run my Buick app on my iPhone but I know I can't log in. I've tried dozens of times, but I keep getting only the messages below. What the hell is the problem? 

ahmmha by New Contributor
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