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Having issues adding Family members

I sent the code to my family members via text, that was on my screen. The link that was provided forced them to sign up to a new account or use my login on the Guardian app. That signs me out and they are signed in on my account. It did not give them...

Waja by New Contributor
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Guardian app can't find location on map

My husband and I both have the guardian app on our iphones. We have no problem finding my location on The Guardian map but my husbands phone always shows he is home, even when he isn't. I have checked and locations is turned on. He has an iphone 8 an...

Suzantn by New Contributor
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After service tow reimbursement

My car broke down. Before I could make any arrangements the business I was at had the car towed away. I want to send OnStar Guardian the bill for reimbursement, which an advisor said I could do. However, I can't find any information on how to do that...

Guardian app sharing

Both my car and husband car are on same account. ( same email address). We both want use Guardian app on our phone. But can’t because of email address. We both have different phone #. ( of Course) . Is there way for do this with same email address? O...

Resolved! Can't add family member to Guardian Family share

I invite a family member to be part of the Guardian Family share, the email gets sent, the member clicks on the link and accepts the policies. Then gets this message, which doesn't make sense. Why is this happening?

guardian error.jpg
sdarte by New Contributor
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How do I get the OnStar Guardian app?

The OnStar Guardian app is included in the OnStar Safety & Security Plan. Members can download the Guardian app from the App Store®* or on Google Play.™** After the 2G sunset, all Safety & Security Plans will be migrated to the Guardian app (which is...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Guardian App "Always allow location access"

My wifes iPhone 8 Plus running the latest iOS software, keeps turning off "Always allow location access" and changes it to "While using the app". This happens everytime I change it to "Always allow access". Of course, the app is useless to her unless...

merman01 by New Contributor
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