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mybuick app problems

New Contributor II

Going to make a separate topic, maybe this will help someone else along with me....

2020 Buick Encore, app will not load/show vehicle status. (tire pressure, oil life, fuel left, etc.) It works fine for remote start, lock and unlock. Has been going on since I purchased vehicle Jan 28th or so.

Vehicle shows on map, but will not do location alerts. 

Cannot change wifi hotspot SSID or password. Able to type a different name and password in the fields, but when I hit save, nothing changes. Same problem with site, under account, connected vehicle, vehicle settings, get the error message Whoops, invalid data or something like that. 

I have discovered that with the vehicle running, i can attempt to change the SSID and password with the app, it looks like it doesn't change, but then i can open the website and see in vehicle settings that it has changed. Then going into the infotainment Onstar menu, wifi settings, it has changed to what i entered. however in the radio wifi menu, settings, wifi, manage wifi networks, the name and SSID remain unchanged. ( the one with the car wifi symbol- cant delete it or edit it, only view name and password. Is it supposed to be there?) After an ignition cycle, the Onstar wifi menu ssid name and password change back to what is in the radio wifi menu.

Onstar has a case open , I just get a call from someone about once a week, asking if it's working yet, and saying we're still working on it. 

At this point I have little confidence that it will ever work. Free trial is almost done, I will not pay for Onstar without this working. Losing faith in GM, Buick, and Onstar....