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Chevrolet Maps +

I recently downloaded an update for it and now the map doesn't reflect my vehicle when its moving. The app isn't frozen as I can still type on it and it shows my current speed but the arrow or the map doesn't move as my vehicle moves. It's like the v...

sdavis by New Contributor
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Vehicle Status

Why does the MyGMC app not give the most basic question of my vehicle status: Is the vehicle locked or unlocked? When I'm 3 blocks away, I don't need to know what the oil life is or the tire pressure, I need to know if it is locked. Yes, I am able to...

MikeG by New Contributor
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Family sharing

I have made numerous attempts to share the MyCadillac account with my wife, but each time we have been unsuccessful. I finally gave up and shared my login with her as she is a trusted person. Has anyone else had similar issues or have been able to sh...

App not compatible, suddenly this week Jan 2024

What is wrong with you people, customer pay huge money to own a smart phone, mine S8+ was over $1000 and you won't maintain compatibility as it gets older? What the hell kind of customer support is that? Just because it's older does not mean it shoul...

2019Volt by New Contributor
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myChevrolet App not updating

Since updating my iPhone to a 15 Pro Max with the most recent iOS (17), my myChevrolet App has stopped updating. I cannot use the remote access on the App. I have the Remote Access OnStar plan. I have tried all trouble shooting advise & nothing works...

adcoleman by New Contributor
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Remote Start, Charge Status, Digital Key

My remote start feature in the app frequently fails to initiate the vehicle's startup. I often need to close the app forcibly and attempt the process two or three times before the signal from my Cadillac app successfully reaches the server and subseq...

dimeone1 by New Contributor
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MyChevrolete App - Android

Running Version 6.22.0 (4312) of the MyChevrolet app. I can connect to my 2022 Corvette and retrieve data without issue. Everything works except Media Radio Favorites. When I select Controls/Media/My Radio Favorites I receive a "Connection Error". Ev...

BFresh20 by New Contributor
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Trips Didn't Get Recorded

App: myChevrolet - Version 6.8.0 (4175)There are 2 trips missing for our 2023 Trailblazer. (More > Chevrolet Smart Driver) When: 21-May-2023 Between 3 and 5 PM CDT This has happened previously. Is this a known issue?