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Remote Start, Charge Status, Digital Key

New Contributor

My remote start feature in the app frequently fails to initiate the vehicle's startup. I often need to close the app forcibly and attempt the process two or three times before the signal from my Cadillac app successfully reaches the server and subsequently the vehicle. Sometimes, it simply displays an error message indicating that the server failed to respond. I reached out to customer service, and after following their advice to uninstall and reinstall the app, the issue persisted. Now, they're suggesting I bring my vehicle in for further investigation, which is frustrating. It seems that I'm not alone in facing this problem, and I suspect GM is aware of this issue. It would be appreciated if they acknowledged it and communicated their efforts to resolve it to their customers.

Another concern is that I cannot view the charge status of my vehicle through the app.

Furthermore, my vehicle's instruction manual mentions setting up the digital key in the MyCadillac App, but I cannot find any option or functionality for that within the app.

I would like to offer a piece of advice: If you're considering purchasing a LYRIQ, it might be wise to wait until they've addressed and acknowledged these bugs or issues.

This entire car-buying experience has been incredibly frustrating and opaque. It feels like there are no definitive answers, and customers who have invested in the vehicle and subscribed to the service are being given the runaround. While I understand that some issues may be attributed to engineering challenges, the real problem lies in the customer service practices that mislead and frustrate customers.



We regret to hear of this recent experience. Please know, our social care teams are here to assist to the best of our abilities alongside your certified GM dealership. If you need an additional layer of assistance alongside them, please email us more details to with ATTN: OnStar Community/dimeone1 in the subject headline. Once we have further insight, we will be in the best position to help. 

New Contributor

This is the issue at hand. My initial message was detailed and clear, but it seems like there's an attempt to deflect the problem. What additional information do you require to acknowledge whether these are indeed known issues? This situation is profoundly disappointing. I have no allegiance to this brand anymore due to this frustrating experience. If another brand were to introduce a product I like, I would not hesitate to switch. I'm willing to endure these problems in the dark until your engineers find a solution. Thank you for your attempt to assist, although it hasn't been particularly helpful.

Our team does apologize for any ongoing frustration. Please know, we do advise our members to send us email communications so we may take a further look into any account details. To keep your personal information private, we ask that concerns directly linked to your vehicle or OnStar account are redirected to email. While we cannot make any guarantees regarding an immediate solution, our team is committed to assisting to the best of our abilities alongside our internal Technical Teams and GM certified dealerships. With this, if you would like any assistance regarding these concerns, do not hesitate to email the address provided above.