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Introducing the redesigned myChevrolet, myBuick, myGMC, and myCadillac Mobile Apps – with a personalized interface for you and your vehicle. Access conveniently located remote commands and Vehicle Status – now right from your home screen. Look for more exciting additions and updates to your app very soon. Learn more or download your vehicle app here

OnStar Plans & Pricing Topics from OnStar Subscribers

Just need data for vacation trip

Is purchasing a prepaid option for data the best option for me if only needing for a short period of time (road trip vacation that will be about 2 weeks)? If so, how does that work? Purchase $5.00 250MB Prepaid Data Plan and when it runs out I need t...

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Pricing, multiple vehicles, and discounts

I have searched for the answers, but everything I’ve has been very vague. I have been a loyal GM customer for over 34 years. I have owned GM vehicles primarily, with very few exceptions. I currently own multiple GM vehicles. Of the six vehicles I own...

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OnStar not working

Hi, I have a 2020 equinox. I activated the 3 month trial last night and it says it's working in the car, but the myChevrolet website says I don't have a plan and I can't access anything in the myChevrolet app. Also, none of the in vehicle apps are av...

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Free month of premium service

I responded to an email offering a free month of premium service for my car. After the service was activated, I noticed that my credit card was charged $15.00. I called an advisor who said this charge was for the next month, (June) and this was the o...

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Cadillac CTS 2014

I’m buying a 2014 Cadillac CTS . My question is on star still available for the 2014?

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Gps upgrade

I have a 2019 Chevy Malibu LT and i only have the onstar turn by turn navigation. I want to upgrade it to maps. Is it possible through onstar or i have to get a sd card?

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2023 BoltEUV Complimentary Coverage "Remote Commands" not working

GM just trade/repurchased me from a 2019 BoltEV to a 2023 BoltEUV due to the battery recall.My previous 2019 BoltEV remote commands worked from in the MyChevrolet app (they were complimentary for 5+ years), but now they no longer work for the 2023 Bo...

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remote auto start lost

So Onstar is terminating and so is my remote starter. Onstar services are pretty worthless and I never use however I was shocked to find out they had coopted my remote start. The price of plans is simply not worth it. I purchased my Chevy specifying ...

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Remote access plan

Using my remote access planI activated a remote access plan only to find out my phone was no longer compatible with mybuick app. Is there another way to use the plan or do I need to cancel? I am not in a position to upgrade my phone at this time.

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Maps plus and unlimited data

Why are all of the apps available with the unlimited data plan except maps plus? If I have to use maps on Android auto, then there is no good reason to pay for the plan. I can just use the Android auto apps and use the data connection from my phone. ...

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