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Vehicle Status

I have been emailing back and forth with the social media team for over a week . I have taken my brand new 100k truck into the service department of my very friendly dealer . I have uninstalled the app multiple times , spent hours on the phone with O...

ChBrBrown by New Contributor
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Issue With Vehicle Status - myChevrolet App

I am having an issue with the "Vehicle Status" the past two days with the myChevrolet app. This is affecting both of our vehicles. Both vehicles gives me "Unable to Connect, There was an issue connecting. Try again later." message. Previously today o...

My Chevrolet App tire pressures

My 2023 Silverado 1500 High Country's door sticker says 32 Psi Front 36 Psi rear tires are 36 all around, My Chevrolet app sends me a notification that multiple tires are low or flat stating the fronts need 511 Psi and the rears at 549 Psi, while the...

No remote start access in app

Hi, I just recently had gm install remote start on my 2023 Chevrolet Colorado trailboss but I have no start button in my app. I've heard that is something that needs to be added to my app. How would I go about having that done? I'd rather not waste t...

MyCadillac app not working

“the connection between this app and the myCadillac service is being unexpectedly rerouted by a 3rd Party Process and has been discontinued.” Keeps poppping up when I log in to the app. Tried to uninstall and reinstall nothing works

3rd Party Error Code

 I am getting a third-party error code. When I tried to log into my account I uninstalled and reinstalled it on my phone as well as one other phone and I am still getting the same code.


No Wi-Fi Hotspot

I am currently using the "myChevrolet" mobile app (Android) version 6.8.0 (4175). Due to other issues I am having with the app, I uninstall/reinstall every day or two. I have an ongoing problem where that app is failing to retrieve the "Wi-Fi Hotspot...

Google Account Login

Google Assistant says “can’t connect”. When I try to login to my Google account, it will not let me. It’s says “something went wrong. Please go back and try again.” It will not let me past these screens. It worked fine until today. Please advise.

uga1999 by New Contributor
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YouTube music playlist not showing

I dropped the data plan and started using my phone via the android auto screen on my 23 Colorado. Even though my large playlist is available on my phone it isn't available through the infotainment screen. I'm not sure why. Google says it's an OnStar/...

Syber by New Contributor
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My Chevrolet app - unable to retrieve....

Just bought a 2023 Bolt and trying to use the my Chevrolet app. Can't get past the login page and get the "unable to retrieve account details" error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, restarted the phone and it just doesn't work. What are t...

Amyo by New Contributor
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False Flat Tire Warning

I received a text this morning informing me of a flat tire or low pressure on multiple tires. However, all are perfectly fine and within spec. The recommended pressure on the app is saying 607 psi which is clearly wrong. How do we fix this?

motre78 by New Contributor
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