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My Chevrolet app not seeing vehicle details.

New Contributor

Bought 2021 Silverado and setup OnStar trial. App seem to have all the vehicle details in it (tire pressure, odometer, etc).  Trial ended and details are gone.  In the app, under echo me status, it asked for the odometer reading for service recommendation or manage plans. I click the manage plans, says it can’t retrieve the plan.  If in that in app browser window, I then click my initials, select account, I can select the truck, which says connected.  Selecting the truck shows the diagnostic reports, warranty, etc.  it also shows under OnStar plan that vehicle is in the connnected access plan.  

a) should the diagnostic vehicle details show up in the app?

b) should app show the OnStar plan as being connected access?

data is getting from the truck to the website, it just is not reflected in the mobile app.  I’ve also tried clearing the app out and reinstalling.  Any suggestions?


New Contributor

Update.  In the browser, if I click on see my plan, it comes back it can pull the details.  It seems like something isn’t connected in the profile to have connected access.

We do appreciate this update. Please know, an applicable OnStar connected services plan is required to utilize features such as Vehicle Status within the mobile app. For clarification, the Connected Access Plan is your base connectivity plan and free of charge. This allows you access to the mobile app, but does not include the Remote Key Fob, Vehicle Status, or Vehicle Locate features.  To find a plan that works best for you and your needs, feel free to visit moving forward.  We are also more than happy to help with any additional questions.