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OnStar Guardian Topics from OnStar Subscribers

Guardian App

Will not give me location of family members.

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What services are included with the OnStar Guardian app?

The Guardian app provides key OnStar safety services right on your phone, including: • Mobile Crash Response• Roadside Assistance• Emergency Services, which gives you 24/7 access to OnStar Emergency Advisors* The app also lets you invite up to 7 love...

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How do I get the OnStar Guardian app?

The OnStar Guardian app is included in the OnStar Safety & Security Plan. Members can download the Guardian app from the App Store®* or on Google Play.™** After the 2G sunset, all Safety & Security Plans will be migrated to the Guardian app (which is...

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Resolved! Can't add family member to Guardian Family share

I invite a family member to be part of the Guardian Family share, the email gets sent, the member clicks on the link and accepts the policies. Then gets this message, which doesn't make sense. Why is this happening?

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Guardian App "Always allow location access"

My wifes iPhone 8 Plus running the latest iOS software, keeps turning off "Always allow location access" and changes it to "While using the app". This happens everytime I change it to "Always allow access". Of course, the app is useless to her unless...

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My budget is tight. What makes OnStar Guardian worth it?

With the Guardian app, you’ll have features like crash detection, Roadside Assistance and location sharing all in one place for one low price ($15/month). Rather than having multiple subscriptions, we’re bundling help into one offering, one convenien...

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What services do I get with OnStar Guardian?

The Guardian app is your one-stop shop for added peace of mind. You can get help in a crash or an emergency, Roadside Assistance, and the ability to stay up to date on your family whereabouts. These services are not only for you, but up to 7 of your ...

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How do I get the OnStar Guardian app?

The OnStar Guardian app lets you bring key OnStar safety services into any vehicle through your smartphone. OnStar Safety & Security Members now have the Guardian app as part of their plan at no additional cost. All you have to do is download the app...

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