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Android/iOS MyChevrolet App does not update vehicle status

New Contributor

This has been an on-going issue for my 2023 Silverado. Right around the time my OnStar subscription transitioned from the trial to a now paid-for option, my mobile apps (tested on both Android and iOS) stopped updating the vehicle status. Things like remote lock/unlock and location still work as expected, but my vehicle status hasn't updated since the end of August. Vehicle Diagnostics viewed from the MyChevrolet website are at least close to being up to date, but the same information is not reflected on any mobile apps.

When the problem first started in the fall, nothing was updating correctly on either the website or the mobile app. I called support and they were able to trigger something that fixed the website, but the app is still broken. So, the truck is communicating with Onstar services correctly, but that same information isn't being pushed to mobile apps correctly. 

For troubleshooting, I have uninstalled/reinstalled, cleared caches, restarted the phone, and installed on phones with both Android and iOS. "Pulling down" in the vehicle status page does nothing and on a fresh install it still states that it last connected on 8/26/2023.



We appreciate you providing the troubleshooting steps you have already completed. Our team here would like to take a further look into your account details and make any appropriate case updates. Moving forward, please send us an email to with ATTN: OnStar Community/nafran03 in the subject headline. We hope to hear from you soon.