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2018 Equinox App Store

Just purchased a 2018 Equinox LT TD. Currently have the trail version of the Premium Onstar and set up to purchase after it ends. Have a couple issues first when a go to the apps screen it comes up that the App Library is not accessible try again lat...

Blackfish by New Contributor
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2024 silverado not updating vehicle status

Using the app, the vehicle status has not updated since the first day.I have the phone set as trustedI have cleared cache and data.I have rebooted phoneUninstalled and reinstalled app.All status is the same aa the first day.I can start/lock and lock,...

Scottr by New Contributor
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Cadillac App

If the myCadillac app isn't going to work anymore, then cancel my OnStar service ! What am I paying for?!

SMF by New Contributor
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MyGMC app not working

I cannot log into myGMC app on my iPhone 13 mini. After entering my email and password, I get a popup that says "Unsupported Version" and an application update is required. Clicking "update now" takes me to the App Store and the myGMC app but there i...

Jtown1973 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Unable to Reconnect MyGMC app

Recently the MyGMC App on my android will not connect to my account istead providing the error "Service Unavailable" and "please contact an advisor for assistance".My account is current and service is active. I have been unssuccessful in locating any...

wsshardy by New Contributor
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My Chevrolet app doesn’t record trip data

Good morning,Purchased a new 2024 Silverado on 12/26. Installed the my Chevrolet app and found everything works perfectly except for the Onstar trip data feature. The system recorded the first 6 trips and then stopped recording data on 12/28. I reins...

frj322 by New Contributor
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Mychevroley app

When I downloaded the mychevrolet app I couldn't finish it all I got to do is put in my email and password and I have to get off and now I can't get back in it ....what do I need to do?

TammyeS59 by New Contributor
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My Chevrolet App - Software Consent

I work at a GM dealership in Edmonton, AB. I am familiar with the GM Products and Services offered.I have the My Chevrolet App installed on my Apple iPhone. Every time I open the app, I have to Accept Terms and Conditions 3 or 4 times regarding the S...

My Cadillac App failing to Remote Start

for the past three weeks. My Cadillac app has not allowed me to remote start, lock or unlock my car. I have been on the phone with Onstar around 20 times and spent more than 30 hours dealing with this issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I’v...

Shared family member login issues

My wife created a new account so that I can invite her as shared family member from my main account. She can't get past "Unable to retrieve account details error" when trying to log into her account so she can't even accept the invitation. We've unin...

Mrunner by New Contributor
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