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Promised EV Remote Access not available

When I bought my 2018 Chevy Bolt in August of this year, I was told I would be able to access my State of Charge for my car remotely using the My Chevy App. I was able to do that for three months while using my free On Star trial and was told by my O...

writetime by New Contributor
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Wifi connected with no internet

Same issue......onstar sent numerous signals to vehicle with no luck. Was told to go to dealer, dealer says system is ok that it is an onstar issue. I even signed up for the unlimited data plan thinking that may have been an issue.....still not worki...

CaptJay by New Contributor
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5 Months Free + $50 gift card

For a month I've been invited to redeem 5 months free essential service plus $50 gift card, I imagine related to MyChevrolet account.Seems there is a catch: I already have to be subscribed to a paid account in the first place. Is this correct or is t...

Monk by New Contributor
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Onstar light is red

I have a 2020 chevy traverse that I've had off-on issues with my onstar. This afternoon the light turned red and the wifi isn't working because onstar isn't working. I called onstar customer service and they told me they can't help me and I need to g...

ougrad06 by New Contributor
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У травні я купив підписку на програмування SPS. А тепер не можу увійти в обліковий запис. Відображається інформація про те, що «мій обліковий запис вимкнено, зверніться до служби підтримки». В чому проблема?

Aleksandr by New Contributor
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False Flat Tire Alert

I received an email alert this morning that both rear tires on my truck are flat. Checked the vehicle and both tires are fine. Mobile App also showing 0 psi. Very annoying. This is the 3rd false alert on tire pressure I have received since purchasing...

mmcfadin by New Contributor
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OnStar Collection Apps not downloading

I've recently purchased the Premium Data Plan for me 2017 Cadillac Escalade. After this purchase, I tried to download the apps that are in the Collection(i.e. Fox Sports, iHeart, etc.). I keep getting a download failure error message. I spoke to nume...