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Vehicle wifi periodically working.

Usually at least once a week when I start my truck the 4G wifi is not showing up or working. This in turn means my navigation and Pandora will not work. I can Hotspot my phone to the truck but it uses my phones data instead of the unlimited data I'm ...

Red Light on OnStar Button

I have a week old 2022 Sierra SLT Texas Edition Premium Plus. The OnStar button has a red light lit. Doesnt work. Called OnStar and they don’t know. Anyone else experience this and know how to resolve. Thanks K

kdulf123 by New Contributor II
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OnStar not initializing on start up

Every third or fourth time I start my vehicle, my OnStar does not initialize. The light doesn’t come on, and pressing the button does absolutely nothing. I am unable to use my connected services in my app, which is very frustrating since I need to be...

Basic App Charge

I think it stinks that Chevrolet is now charging you for the basic service, such as remote start and vehicle unlocking. I have several other vehicles from different manufacturers who don’t charge. This was in effect when I purchased my vehicle and sh...

RS by New Contributor
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OnStar Plans

Please explain in detail which of the following OnStar plans are available on which vehicles. I just purchased a 2023 Chevrolet Trailblazer and not ALL plans are available. Online information is not complete. (

Consumed my unlimited data in two weeks (???)

It seems two weeks Google Navigation and light Youtube Music app use (~ 8 hours total) have almost completely consumed my unlimited data plan (???). My infotainment is off-line for a week now (google maps, assistant, apps, wifi - all are off-line).??...

kloxxe by New Contributor
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OnStar Preferred Plus WiFi Plan

I purchased a 2023 Chevrolet Trailblazer about a month ago. Per my OnStar account it states I have the "Chevrolet Premium Connected Services Trial". I talked to OnStar this morning and they stated this is being replaced by the "OnStar Preferred Plus ...

2G going away?

Are you saying the device in my car won't work anymore? I haven't been happy with Onstar services lately. Your turn-by-turn directions have gotten us lost several times by disconnecting, and by telling us to turn down nonexistent roads, and you don't...

CJ by New Contributor
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2G Network Response by GM is UNACCEPTABLE

GM, so in 2015 you installed 2G radio's in vehicles when 4G LTE (at the very lease 4G) service was the standard used by cellular carriers. They had already started or were well through the shutdown of the 3G networks. Now in 2021, you have had 6 year...

kadco by New Contributor
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