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Promised EV Remote Access not available

New Contributor

When I bought my 2018 Chevy Bolt in August of this year, I was told I would be able to access my State of Charge for my car remotely using the My Chevy App.  I was able to do that for three months while using my free On Star trial and was told by my On Star rep and via messenger with a Chevrolet representative that I’d be able to continue to access SOC even after my subscription expired. When the trial expired, the app no longer shows state of charge. I’ve talked to OnStar, the Chevy EV Concierge, and even my dealer trying to get this fixed. The dealer has submitted all of my vehicle info to OnStar. OnStar refers me to Ev Concierge. The Concierge refers me to the dealer. The dealer refers me back to Onstar!  It’s been a huge source of frustration. I don’t want to pay for an Onstar package simply to monitor a most basic and vital component of owning an EV - being able to see how much charge I have.

NO ONE seems to be able to resolve this short of trying to sell me something. I’m thinking On Star is just a money grab and GM, being its owner is the same. I love my car but hugely dislike the way I’ve been treated in this situation.  I was promised EV Remote access for 5 years and 10 years of Connected Acess (which seems like a way for GM to mine my vehicle data but really not allow me to do anything with the app.). 

Anyone in a similar situation with a Chevy Bolt. Any suggestions on a solution?



We do apologize for any miscommunication. Please know, the 5-year EV Mobile Command features you are referring to starts at the initial purchase of the vehicle. Any remaining term of the plan is transferable to the next owner. When the plan expires, members will be able to re-enroll in services or choose a different plan if they wish to continue their services. They will not be automatically enrolled into a new plan. With this, if you have any additional questions, kindly email us at with ATTN: OnStar Community/writetime in the subject headline.