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GM Is producing over the wall engineering.

I pay for onstar hotspot. In my 2018 Silverado I had to plug the phone in for everything to work. On my 2022 Silverado it is all wireless. It has the big screen, they are bragging aabout. My onstar hotspot won't work on my phone, while it is connect ...

Glendon by New Contributor
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Key Fob

I was on a chat with a representative from OnStar last week, and they said that the key fobs and auto start won't work anymore. How is this connected to the 2G issue? Aren't the key fobs controlled by radio frequency chips? Why won't the key fob work...

kmhunz by New Contributor
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Class Action Lawsuit

Has anyone looked into the possibility of a Class Action lawsuit regarding this matter? This is an extremely unfair practice affecting many many loyal customers! Spoke to an advisor today who told me it wasn't OnStars decision but the cellular servic...

CFlo by New Contributor
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'23 Buick EncoreGX-OnStar Navigation Issue

On two different trips, I asked OnStar to navigate me to specific street addresses in well-established neighborhoods (that Google maps directed me to in time's past-even after new infrastructure). OnStar gave me locations of several places (supposedl...

Tee_S by New Contributor
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2g sunset

for all gm onstar user 2015-2006 ,try bluetooth ,skip everything else to see the features you like. no onstar plan needed.use the free apps on your phone for most of the same features. it's worth a try,wont costyou anything.


I have a 2014 Cadillac SRX that is a great car. My OnStar just got shut off and I was told that they could not turn it back on because it is 2G. Also the 2G was not going to be off until sometime in December. ‘It is strange that other vehicles that a...

MeMe by New Contributor
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C7 Corvette Software Update Email.

I’ve received a couple of emails that my Corvettes software would soon be updated over-the -air and I’d be told when the update was ready to be applied by the touch screen. The emails specifically listed my Corvettes VIN. When I look at the system so...

Jfullert by New Contributor
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Onstar eligibility

I’ve got a 2005 Chevrolet Malibu LS, is it too old for onstar benefits/services? It’s got onstar FAQs in the manual and a fuse in one of the boxes labeled for onstar. Neither GM nor onstar will accept my VIN though.