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"Hey Google" not responding

Saying 'Hey Google' get's no response. Short press on the steering wheel button or touching google assistant on the touchscreen brings up the assistant prompt but it doesn't pick up my voice. Mic is ok because voice calls, etc. work fine. I'm connect...

hooperwv by New Contributor
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False flat tire alert

I got a message tonight that my front driver side tire was flat. However, it is not flat, and the tire pressure is normal as shown on the dashboard. Has anyone else had this situation?

akagan by New Contributor
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Onstar cost

Hi,I have been with Onstar for some years but find it expensive now. Any chance we can get a price ? I am retired -senior teacher...and budget is tight

Shouted at to renew subscription

Every year the OnStar audio system springs to life a month before renewal and shouts at max radio volume to renew. It's timed at the worst possible moment - just as you are pulling out into traffic. I might be safer to let it expire.But for realistic...

OnStar and no internet

I just purchase a 2022 Yukon Denali. The vehicle cannot connect to the internet or onstar. The onstar lights are not on an Google and Google assist cannot connect. Is there anyone having the same problem. Dealership claims nothing is wrong with the v...

Technical Support Groups

There seems to be multiple Technical Support Groups within OnStar/GM/myChevrolet app. Can you please provide ALL of the contact information ALL of the groups. ie. Phone numbers and email addresses. Thank you.

Trusted Device Issue

OnStar has not been helpful with the trusted device issue in new models. I’ve been trying to reach out to them and they just close my case. They need to either speed it up or should not be charging people for services they don’t receive. Some communi...