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Unresolved Issues - and myChevrolet Mobile App


Here is a list of unresolved issues with my account and myChevrolet mobile app:

1. "Radio Station Favorites" issue in the myChevrolet app. (2019 Equinox)(Home > Controls > Vehicle Settings > Media > My Radio Favorites).  Shows "Station out of range" for modified Favorites in vehicle.  This has been an issue for months.

2. Wi-Fi Hotspot Settings and vehicle build issues in the web app,  Issue showing proper Wi-Fi Hotspot settings with multiple vehicles and Error message when trying to build a new vehicle.   This has been an issue for months.

3. Incorrect "Recommended" "Front" and "Rear" "Tire Pressures" as shown in the myChevrolet app. (Vehicle Status) for out 2019 Equinox and the 2023 Trailblazer It shows 34 psi. It should be 35 psi. This has been an issue since LAST YEAR for the 2019 Equinox and started in June of this year for the 2023 Trailblazer. This started for both vehicles when I made an OnStar plan change.

4. "Wi-Fi Hotspot" ("More" menu) does not work properly in the myChevrolet app for both out 2019 Equinox and 2023 Trailblazer."  Show 2 dashes for the SSID and 2 dots for the Password.  This has been an issue for several months.

OnStar Technical Support knows about these issues.  I am waiting for a response.