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Need assistance

I’m a new Chevy Malibu owner and basically don’t knew much about it so I try to get my onstar step up but it ain’t working and I don’t know why it saying that it’s not connected to onstar

Djengui by New Contributor
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GM website n Onstar Email Notification

My credit card for OnStar services was on file, but it was hacked. I tried calling the number on the email message that said my credit card was invalid. I followed the link, changed my password, because it wouldn’t take my password saved on my comput...

Sandee by New Contributor
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On star turns red

I have trouble with on star turning red I had the radio replaced and the antenna the bottom turned red yesterday again for a minute then turned green is something else wrong

Cookie79 by New Contributor
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No more OnStar

I have loved my 2014 Cadillac CTS but I will never again buy your product since the trade in value has really been decimated. You should provide an update for my vehicle if you have any conscience at all. This is my 3rd Cadillac but no more!!

Deb50 by New Contributor
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GM Is producing over the wall engineering.

I pay for onstar hotspot. In my 2018 Silverado I had to plug the phone in for everything to work. On my 2022 Silverado it is all wireless. It has the big screen, they are bragging aabout. My onstar hotspot won't work on my phone, while it is connect ...

Glendon by New Contributor
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Key Fob

I was on a chat with a representative from OnStar last week, and they said that the key fobs and auto start won't work anymore. How is this connected to the 2G issue? Aren't the key fobs controlled by radio frequency chips? Why won't the key fob work...

kmhunz by New Contributor
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