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It's time to offer a real solution other than the App's limited capabilities. This is really bothering me. I have a 2015 and they can't turn it on remotely and load software updates. I mean really. It's embarrassing.

Numbers71 by New Contributor II
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OnStar Link is Garbage and Not a Solution

Had a very unpleasant conversation with OnStar about the 2022 OnStar shutdown for pre 2015 vehicles that can only get CDMA 2g service. The "solution" is a data port dongle but is barely a solution to anything. It disables the in vehicle OnStar button...

hyperlexis by New Contributor II
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Spam Calling from "OnStar"

I constantly get spammers calling me indicating that they are from "OnStar" and they will gladly give me a free month if I only confirm my PIN. I consistently say no, I'm not giving my PIN on the phone to someone who cold called me. If they can give ...

SmrtGuy04 by New Contributor
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GM 8-inch Infotainment Center

If the General Motors Infotainment center in my 2020 GMC canyon weren’t such a piece of crap I might consider an Onstar Premium Plan, however the reliability of the GM infotainment center is so sketchy I prefer not to use it since it will probably so...

Clamopher by New Contributor
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Need option to add Google Built-In

We have a 2022 Traverse Premier and I wish it had come with Google Built-In like the Suburban, Tahoe, and Silverado now have. It has the same Infotainment 3 system, so I would think it would be something that could be retrofit with software. While th...

CTTW by New Contributor
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OnStar Link Dongle Not Happening?

So there was a post or an email from GM I read a few weeks ago saying the OnStar Link dongle project was being shelved because of the global chip shortage and a solution would be announced soon. What is going on with this and have there been any upda...

hyperlexis by New Contributor II
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