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Possible/partial fix for wi-fi connectivity?

New Contributor

So, I have a 2017 Silverado that has been experiencing the wi-fi connectivity issues that so many other people have had to deal with.  It's been especially bad the last couple of months.  This weekend one of my passengers desperately needed to get some correspondence out, but the laptop wouldn't download anything and speed tests on the interstate were almost always <1 Mbs.  I've tried everything that I could find in the forums (forget the network, open the doors, reconnect, etc., etc).....although I haven't called On-Star yet, because it doesn't seem to be helpful.....kinda like the cable company.

But then I thought to treat it like the cable company.  They always have you unplug the modem and force it to reboot.

I disconnected the negative terminal on my battery and waited a minute. Reconnected the cable.

The speed tests I ran immediately prior were <1 Mbs.  After I reconnected, I got over 10 Mbs.  I have 3 bars of service at my house.  Still not screaming fast, but at least it's usable again. 

No idea if this will work for everybody, but you may want to give it a try.

Does anyone know what speeds the hotspot is supposed to be capable of on a 2017 vehicle?