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2022 Yukon Denali SLT Onstar/ no internet

New Contributor

I just purchase a 2022 Yukon Denali. My onstar and internet services have been activated. However, the vehicle can't  connect to the internet or onstar. The onstar lights are not on nor repsonding when pressed.  Google assist cannot connect because I'm unable to actually use my vehicles hotspot. 




We appreciate you bringing these concerns to our teams attention. To further clarify, is the LED light near your OnStar hardware red? The red LED light indicates a hardware error with your OnStar unit. This will need to be properly diagnosed by your preferred GM dealership. With this, we would like to learn more about these service concerns and assist to the best of our abilities. So we may, kindly email with ATTN: OnStar Community/JMila in the subject headline. We hope to hear from you soon. 

New Contributor

I am having the exact same issue. I purchased my ‘22 Tahoe in October and everything worked until right after Christmas. I pay for unlimited data and do not have access, nor do I have any lights on my OnStar buttons (not red or green). I called OnStar and they attempted to reset but nothing worked, they told me to contact the dealership and have them look at it. They did not offer me any sort of credit for my account for the services I pay for but do not have access to. It’s very disappointing considering this vehicle was such a large purchase and we cannot use these features.