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OnStar In-vehicle Wifi Not working, But Data plan expired, and still being bill for service?

New Contributor

I had OnStar since April 13, after my free trial. I had decided to cancel, it wasn't long for me to get Onstar premium for only $40. Ever since I had been very happy saving $20 is worth it. I have a Chevy 17 equinox Lt 

Everything had been paid on time, everything is on auto pay, no missed payments. I had used OnStar guardian and in vehicle wifi the most and in most situations, I had called in for other driver who had been involved in car accident And I keep on my marry way. I did update my payment card a few times but since my health insurance flex card is paying for it. I'm basically getting it for free. The last payment changed was 6 months ago and been on the same card for going on 7 months. 

I was told that the carrier had requested a cancellation on my data plan, they had taken out the payment on June 3, 2024. But I was not receiving my wifi data, I had called OnStar on June 26, 2024 for them to further investigation on why this is happening. I ever told them, I had tried to do basic troubleshooting step such as discounting the battery for 5 minutes and plug it back in just to have no data. So I know after that, something more is going on. They still charged my card for service that I don't have access to. That's when they said the carrier of A&TT had requested the cancellation of the data plan. Strangely enough, there wasn't more reason on the why. But since Onstar Can't refund the data plan part due to expired contract agreement on a month to month plan is kinda strange. So OnStar had to cancel the whole policy, issues a refund for the data, and reissue the contract. At the end, I was able to keep my plan and have my data back at the same price. But it was kinda strange on how this happened. But I have my old plan back at the end of the day. 



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