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OnStar Link Dongle Not Happening?

So there was a post or an email from GM I read a few weeks ago saying the OnStar Link dongle project was being shelved because of the global chip shortage and a solution would be announced soon. What is going on with this and have there been any upda...

hyperlexis by New Contributor II
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Just want to say how awful your alerts are. My trial membership was set to expire and my car made the horrendous noise before blaring out an “alert” that my subscription was going to expire. The noise was so loud, unexpected, and unnecessary. I know ...

Failure to operate when required.

I have been an OnStar subscriber since 2009. Three new Chevrolets were covered. A few weeks ago I encountered an emergency situation and OnStar was unresponsive. A customer service rep was no help. So, the first time in 13 years that I needed OnStar ...

Printed Member Card

Does OnStar still issue the printed member cards? This is the blue wallet card with all the OnStar information for the vehicle, including the vehicle's telephone number. I previously had one for another vehicle I owned, but I have not received a card...

Cgmartin by New Contributor
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Services do not work - Horrible Experience

I bought this beautiful new 2022 GMC Yukon Denali, jam packed with technology to make life easier and safer. The app connected, the initial advisor call was great and now the entire system and support has left me stranded as a customer with a vehicle...

SK by New Contributor III
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Download new maps

I just purchased a 2014 Chevy Equinox. How can I download or update the maps in the vehicle?

Onstar credit card problems

Hello,August 2020 my credit card exp date was changed. Every month OnStar tells me my payment has a problem. Every month, with gradually increasing frustration, I call and discuss this with an onstar representative. Every month I am told it will neve...

DavidVT by Visitor
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Can’t get in touch with anyone

My vehicle was traded in on Feb 8, I have been charged on four separate occasions by onstar services since then beginning on the 14th. I even received an email that that onstar was notified of the trade. I have attended the chat message center that j...

Onstar 3g phaseout

I have been trying to get info as to whats going to happen to my onstar service in my 2008 Lucerne but no onstar agent either knows what I am talking about or isnt sure. The Phillipine tech people are of no help and the U.S. people act like I am spea...

CarlDS by Visitor
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Diagnostic report

I received an email last week indicating there was an issue with our engine or transmission in our 2015 Malibu. I took the car to a local service center on January 7th. They did a diagnostics check and found the issue was with a battery cable. As soo...

CM by Visitor
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Resolved! "Diagnostic Alert" while truck is off?

Is it possible for my 2021 Silverado to send me a diagnostic alert text message if it is powered off?Last night I received a text message diagnostic alert indicating low air pressure in one of my truck tires. My truck is in for service right now and ...

Onstar Navigation Sound

I downloaded directions from my chevrolet app to car as i usually do but this time there was no sound in the car when the directions were playing.The sound on the radio was fine and it even lowered at the points when the directions should have been g...

Bunella by Visitor
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I have been trying to add my vehicle and it doesn’t let me

Bel by Visitor
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