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Wifi connection

My wifi speed is so low that most apps will not workOnstar has been involved for 3 months but tell me it is a GM dealer problem. GM dealer said there was a fault showing on the module but did not know what it is. I authorized replacement of the modul...

jgmones by New Contributor
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Chevrolet App

I feel like my Chevrolet app doses not work as well as the previous app. Woth my 2016 Equinox I could get to the app start my car and it would be warmed up when I got out to it. Now It takes an extremely long time for the app to open then when I pres...

Rdeberti by New Contributor
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Tablets won’t connect to wifi

Just purchased a 2024 Trailblazer. Our phones connect to the Wi-Fi fine, but our kids tablets will not connect for some reason. I’ve verified the password and reset the Wi-Fi and tablets, but still nothing. I had a 2021 Blazer before and they always ...

No wifi

I’ve had the same problems with my WiFi why are they allowed to operate this should be a class lawsuit!!!!!!!!!!! And they want to sell connected vehicles give me a break!!!!

WiFi fix

After hours of research, I found this guy on YouTube which has helped several people resolve their WiFi connection in their Chevy/GM vehicles. This worked for me as well. I had trouble getting on the internet and opening apps but now I can. The fix i...


Everytime I start my car (gmc) a message comes up on the dash info “ service emergency call”. And the onstar light is red. Contact onstar and they have no idea

WiFi Hotspot & Apple Carplay greyed out

I purchased a new 2024 Buick Encore GX in August. Apple Carplay initially worked wirelessly but stopped working about a month after purchase. The carplay icon is grey. I can connect with a usb cable but the icon becomes grey again when unplugged. Whi...

rbp by New Contributor
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No internet connection! Help!

I can connect to my wifi but there is no internet connection. Onstar has pushed updates, reconfigured what they could, and said to go to the dealership. The dealership said everything is good on their side so it’s an onstar issue. I’ve also tried to ...

Lauren5159 by New Contributor
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Onstar not connecting.

When I push the Blue button it says: Onstar not activated, please press blue button again to activate, I press the blue button again and it says connected to onstar... then it beeps for thirty seconds, then says your call has ended... goodbye. Green ...

BobC by New Contributor
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