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Connected apps

I recently paid for an Onstar preferred plan when my maps failed me on a trip where I needed the guidance. I was assured by the tech that I would have access to in-vehicle apps including Alexa Built-In and The Weather Channel. I have neither of those...

donnab by New Contributor
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Diagnostic Alert; Low Tire Pressure

I received a Diagnostic Alert stating my Rt Front Tire Pressure was low. I checked the pressure, was a couple of pounds different, not anything drastically, so I added a couple of pounds. The following day, I receive another Diagnostic Alert stating ...

GnadFly by New Contributor
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No Wifi Hotspot STILL

I have not had a WiFi Hotspot since May. I have had 2 visits to the Dealer and at least 6 lengthy calls to OnStar with NO RESOLUTION. The Dealer says it's OnStar and OnStar keeps saying they are "escalating" a ticket and someone will call but no-one ...

WiFi Hotspot & Apple Carplay greyed out

I purchased a new 2024 Buick Encore GX in August. Apple Carplay initially worked wirelessly but stopped working about a month after purchase. The carplay icon is grey. I can connect with a usb cable but the icon becomes grey again when unplugged. Whi...

rbp by New Contributor
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WiFi Hotspot, No Connection to Internet

I have a 2022 Chevy Silverado, bought the thing used awhile back. The WiFi Hotspot has never worked, basically it will allow a device to join but does not actually route to the internet.I have had several other Chevy/GMC trucks where the WiFi/Onstar ...

dilburrito by New Contributor
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Tablets won’t connect to wifi

Just purchased a 2024 Trailblazer. Our phones connect to the Wi-Fi fine, but our kids tablets will not connect for some reason. I’ve verified the password and reset the Wi-Fi and tablets, but still nothing. I had a 2021 Blazer before and they always ...

No OnStar Light, No Wifi

I have a ‘22 Tahoe and have had more OnStar/wifi issues than I have ever had before and all previous vehicles were used. I am sick of the amount of time I lose wifi service and/or lose my vehicle to have one thing or another worked on. So the problem...

Charged months after cancelling

I called support two months ago and asked to cancel my plan completely after they tried to weasel me into paying for a cheaper plan. I do not want to pay, and cannot afford to pay for any service and made this clear. They assured me it was cancelled ...

hms by New Contributor
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