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ONSTAR won’t Activate

Everyone says to press the button in my car, but it always ends the call with “can not connect.” What can I do to fix this or to just be able to reactivate ONSTAR on my car again?

Kec2 by New Contributor
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2022 Yukon Denali SLT Onstar/ no internet

I just purchase a 2022 Yukon Denali. My onstar and internet services have been activated. However, the vehicle can't connect to the internet or onstar. The onstar lights are not on nor repsonding when pressed. Google assist cannot connect because I'm...

JMila by New Contributor
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Onstar module linked to phone microphone

My Onstar module just recently went out. It has been some weeks, since it was brought to the dealership. How long are they on backorder?Is the module linked to the phone microphone? Around the time I think the module went out, people starting not bei...

bberdds by New Contributor
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upgrade OnStar to 4G/5G

Now it is nearly February 2023 and no notice from GM about upgrading the old 2G to 4G/5G. Don't think it is going to happen. I can guess not enough customers have asked GM to do something. I did see one petition with less than 2k signatures. Not near...

Bleudiesel by New Contributor II
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2G sunset

4G cellular service became available in 2009. So why, in 2014, was GM/OnStar still manufacturing their equipment with 2G technology (which was basically obsolete by 2002)? Why, in 2022, is their not an equipment upgrade option available? I have been ...

In Car Apps not Staying connected

Hi all,Anyone having issues with the in car Waze and Google assistant apps losing connect after turning off the car and getting back into the car later? They keep dropping and I don’t know how to keep them connected for each new drive.

andrewto by New Contributor
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Onstar Module

The navigation, onstar service and wifi data do not work. Took my 2022 Sierra to a few dealerships to diagnose the problem. It was finally determined that the Onstar module needed to be replaced. I've been waiting since August for an ETA on the part ...

jgiv by New Contributor
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