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iPhone Does Not Automatically Connect To Wi-Fi Hotspot

New Contributor

iPhone 14 Pro Max is properly connected to vehicles Wi-Fi Hotspot.  However, Wi-Fi Network has to be manually selected on iPhone and connected each time vehicle is started.  The iPhone does not automatically connect to the known vehicles Wi-Fi Network.    



Thank you for sharing your experience regarding your in-vehicle Wi-Fi. We would be more than happy to take a further look into things on our end and assist to the best of our abilities. Kindly email with the subject headline ATTN: OnStar Community/pkmobley moving forward. We hope to hear from you. 

New Contributor

Just sent an email to the address listed above. I have the same issue with my iPhone 14 pro max.

We appreciate your outreach, and an Advisor should be in contact with you very soon. If you have any additional concerns in the meantime, do not hesitate to follow-up with our team at

New Contributor

I never heard back from OnStar about this issue. I tried a friends iPhone 15 Pro  Max and it worked as expected.

Does this only affect the 14 model?

We regret to hear of any miscommunications. If you still need assistance, please send us an email to with ATTN: OnStar Community/Icewoz01 in the subject headline. We would like to take a further look into your account details and device concerns on our end.