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Audio control problems

Sometimes lately I cannot turn the volume up on the radio, regardless of whether I'm using, FM or Sirus. When I turn it up either by knob or by the steering wheel, it says voice control volume. I have to restart my phone to get back to audio control....

Blaze by New Contributor
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wi-fi does not share

I have a 2023 Yukon and the wi-fi is consistently not working. The "Share Hotspot Data is defaulted to "Off". If I turn it "On" it shares the internet connection, but only for a few seconds (10-15) and then the setting reverts to "Off". At the instru...

keiser13 by New Contributor
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Recommend Disconnecting WIFI.

On Star connect figure out how to allow an iPhone12 or 13 to connect automatically. I think it is horrible they want to charge their customers for an incomplete service. I disconnected today and would recommend anyone else having this issue to do the...

BKDallas by New Contributor
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This pops up and doesn’t go away

I have had my truck 4 days and this is on my gauge cluster. I called my dealership service department yesterday and it went to voicemail and my call wasn’t returned so that’s not good! After that I tried OnStar support chat and after 50 minutes of wa...


Vehicle wifi periodically working.

Usually at least once a week when I start my truck the 4G wifi is not showing up or working. This in turn means my navigation and Pandora will not work. I can Hotspot my phone to the truck but it uses my phones data instead of the unlimited data I'm ...

Red Light on OnStar Button

I have a week old 2022 Sierra SLT Texas Edition Premium Plus. The OnStar button has a red light lit. Doesnt work. Called OnStar and they don’t know. Anyone else experience this and know how to resolve. Thanks K

kdulf123 by New Contributor II
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OnStar not initializing on start up

Every third or fourth time I start my vehicle, my OnStar does not initialize. The light doesn’t come on, and pressing the button does absolutely nothing. I am unable to use my connected services in my app, which is very frustrating since I need to be...

Basic App Charge

I think it stinks that Chevrolet is now charging you for the basic service, such as remote start and vehicle unlocking. I have several other vehicles from different manufacturers who don’t charge. This was in effect when I purchased my vehicle and sh...

RS by New Contributor
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OnStar Plans

Please explain in detail which of the following OnStar plans are available on which vehicles. I just purchased a 2023 Chevrolet Trailblazer and not ALL plans are available. Online information is not complete. (