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None of my Driver Assist features work on my brand new 2024 GMC Denali pick up

New Contributor

None of my electronic Driver Assist safety features work on my brand new 2024 GMC Denali pick up. These  safety features were a major selling point in my decision to purchase this vehicle.  I have brought the vehicle back to the dealer several times to have the problem fixed. Finally, I was told that the replacement module needed is not currently available , and that there is no known date for the part to be delivered. It has been three months since the problem began. How many other car and truck owners are experiencing this issue and what is being done by GMC to resolve this problem ? 


New Contributor

I have also purchased a slightly used 2022 GMC Denali Ultimate Pick up and have the same problem you are going through. The major selling point to me was the Super Cruise feature along with the navigation system. The Super Cruise option was a 5,000 dollar upgrade on the used car market. There are plenty of non Super Cruise models but if I am spending the money you might as well have everything in the truck. I was told by one of the largest GM dealerships in my state, that the On Star modular is on back order and good luck getting one in the next 12 months. Shawn Fain is in charge of the UAW, well my question to him. You might want to get with GM and figure out a fix to this ongoing nightmare or there are going to be a lot less GM customers wanting to buy GM products next time you go on strike in 2028. To Mary Barra the head of GM, you also might want to take note. Your top tier customers buying your elite vehicle's are extremely unhappy with this ongoing crisis's. When your customers have the option to buy anything they want north of 65k dollars and you are making them wait months on end for a part. Chances are they are not going to come back to buy the same problem. Why buy GM when your upper customer base has a choice to buy a great product elsewhere for the same money or just a little more. To Mary and Shawn I hope you do the right thing and make your customers happy and fix the problem.  Remember this is lost monthly and yearly revenue you are losing everyday with On Star not working. Not to mention high dollar customers giving up and leaving to buy better vehicles from Europe or Japan.   


Our team would like the chance to look into this further. . When you have a moment, please send us an email with additional details to with "ATTN: OS Community/JoeA" in the subject headline. Our team will keep an eye out for your reply.