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my onstar not showing up on my mycadillac app

New Contributor

So I just activated my OnStar in my 2014 Cadillac SRX at like 6:30 this evening but it is not showing up in my myCadillac app. Also, how long does it take for my GPS in my car and all that to actually show up and be usable?


Community Manager
Community Manager

After activating services, don't forget to link your Cadillac Account with your OnStar account. This is a crucial step for integrating your Connected Services into your app. Be advised, if you are the Owner Proxy or Driver on the account, you must consult with the Owner to authorize this change. If you are the OnStar account Owner, please follow the steps below to link your accounts.


1. Log into your Cadillac Account via, or

2. Once logged in, click on "Plans & Services” from the navigation bar

3. Enter either your OnStar account number or your username (email address associated to your OnStar account)

4. Choose your method of verification (email or text message)

5. Select "Send code"

6. Check either your email address or phone to locate the verification code

7. Once found, enter the verification code into the Cadillac Account Website

8. Click "Link account" to finish.


Once you have successfully linked your accounts, please log out and then back into your app with your Cadillac Account credentials. Should you find that these options are not visible to you on the Cadillac Account site, it's likely that you've already linked your accounts. 


Depending on the services your vehicle is enrolled in, your services should be available to utilize right away. If you are experiencing concerns with your infotainment system after linking your accounts, feel free to connect with us via email at Please have your subject line as ‘ATTN: OnStar Community/rachaelcook4410’, so we can reference back to this post.