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Vehicle status unavailable in MyGMC app

New Contributor

My vehicle status is unavailable how do i fix it



We understand how important it is to have your myGMC app fully functional. If you haven't already, we suggest uninstalling then reinstalling your myGMC app as an initial troubleshooting step. If that does not resolve your concern with the Vehicle Status feature, we recommend completing a Power Cycle. This should assist in updating your vehicle insight and ensuring any diagnostics are accurate. Please see the below steps:


1. Turn ignition on for at least 2 minutes

2. Turn ignition off and wait 2-5 minutes (so data can be collected)

3. Log out of the myChevrolet app and log back in - this may help the app refresh

4. If the concern is still not resolved, please wait 2-3 minutes and refresh the app again, as the status can take a few minutes to update

5. Drive the vehicle around for a few minutes to allow data to refresh on the app


Please let us know if you are still experiencing trouble.