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MyCadillac - Charge Status

New Contributor

MyCadillac Lyriqs charge status will not show in the app.  I have full access to all of the other functions such as remote start, temperature control and can view tire pressure.


However, the main thing i need for an electric car, is to see my Charge Status.


I’ve gone through several tiers of MyAp support, however, Tier 3 has never contacted me and I’ve taken it to the dealer with no luck.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’ve already uninstalled, reinstalled, used my iPad, wife’s phone and etcetera.  


Thank you.


Thank you for bringing these ongoing charge status concerns to our teams attention. So we may take a further look into things, kindly email us at with ATTN: OnStar Community/mlstever in the subject headline. This will allow us to best assist moving forward. 


New Contributor

I have the same problem with the app as described here.  I have performed all the steps and then some but no resolution is in sight.  I've sent screenshots to the sight and spoken with about everyone that I can and always get the same answer that they are aware of the problem and that they are escalating my concerns.  Interestingly, the app worked when I first installed it about a month and a half ago but has since stopped so I think one of the updates that were installed messed with the communication of the car to OnStar especially since, in a recent call to OnStar, they informed me that they weren't able to connect to the car to get any data.

New Contributor

I am having the same issue, the Cadillac support asked to call OnStar and OnStar advisor told me this is happening for last 2 weeks and no ETA yet.

will watch out for an app update. Did anyone get a reply from the social media email?

We appreciate the details you've provided. If you need an additional layer of support, kindly email with ATTN: OnStar Community/soumyaparida in the subject headline. We would like the opportunity to take a further look into things on our end. 

New Contributor II

ALCON - I've gone through the sending the email and have received a call back!  To date I am not convinced that OnStar is on top of this issue.  I got the impression from the individual I spoke to that this was a new issue.  Really!

This shouldn't be that difficult to figure out.  It's either the new cars.being delivered or it's the app.

Please please let's get this resolved asap!  No excuses only positive and proactive feedback towards a final resolve is welcomed.

New Contributor

Same issue here. Took delivery of my Lyiq on 12-30-23. The app was downloaded at the dealer and no charge information available. My salesman called onstage while we were doing the pre delivery inspection and they said give it a day or two and it should start working. Called on star a week later and they escalated my ticket to a tech team. Got a call back about 4 days later saying they believe they fixed it and I just needed a charge cycle and a vehicle on and off and it should work. Well, a couple charges and many on/offs of the vehicle and still not working. Called on star again today. 30 minutes on the call and 3 different departments later they disconnected me. Ugh. Such a pain and frustrating on my first Cadillac purchase. 

New Contributor

I’m having exactly the same problem with a brand new 2024 lyric and the latest version of the app. No one seems to know how to fix it.

New Contributor II

I can toggle between our Cadillac Lyriq and Chevrolet Bolt EV in the MyCadillac app. In the case of the Bolt, the charge status and estimated range are displayed, and I receive text notifications from OnStar when charging is complete or interrupted. As for the Lyriq, this information is not displayed in the app, and I don’t get notifications as is the case with the Bolt. These are serious shortcomings that should be addressed in the next software update. 

New Contributor

Surprise! I have the same issue with my 2024 Lyriq and it's literally the only thing I want the app for...tell me my charge status. It seems like the app providing charge Notifications and communicating with the vehicle is the one thing Tesla did well. Based on all of the comments it seems like there is no point in me trying to get the issue resolved. . .makes me feel like that's what they are hoping for....they don't have to fix it, just wait for buyers to give up. Thanks to everyone who provides all this info.

New Contributor

Same problem here.  Took delivery about a week ago and have been through several charge cycles (DCFC and at home), re-installed app, etc.  Everything else in the app works correctly and if I switch to my Chevy Bolt I can see the charge status for the Bolt, but it never works for the Lyriq.  Hopefully more posts = more attention?

UPDATE: I emailed support and got a call from OnStar Support regarding this issue.  They ran a diagnostics on the car and it came back with a generic error code (U164E - The Lithium-Ion Battery is not performing as expected).  I don't believe this is the source problem, but I guess I will have to bring the car in at some point to have this checked out.