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Is it me, or is MAPS+ more of a MAPS-

New Contributor

Used MAPS "+" for a few trips.  It's a MAPS "-" from my book.  The writing on the maps is too small to read, and there's no option to change font size.  There's almost ZERO customization options, and the tracking is either "NORTH" or "something bizarre", because "UP" isn't diagonally left in my book.

Switched back to the default navigation, which is 100 times better than this joke of an "improvement".



We do appreciate your candid feedback regarding Maps+. Our team here will be sure to document your sentiments for internal review. Please know, Maps+ offers a fully-integrated, in-vehicle navigation experience for those who currently do not have access to in-vehicle navigation. Our solution is competitive with other navigation systems in the market. We will continue to evolve the member experience and improve it over time. 

New Contributor

I agree with werners1. I have been using Cadillac Maps+ since it became available on my 2022 XT4 and it is Sub Par at best! Rotary control in vehicle is not compatible, maps are way to small, POI's are years outdated and routing is poor when it comes to navigating to my home address. It brings me through a parking lot and wants me to drive over a curb to get to my home. I keep hitting "Poor Route" on the screen options and nothing has been done! No way to zoom in or out and have this functional. Great concept but a complete failure for me to keep using it. I have reverted back to Apple Maps on CarPlay until the following are fixed:

Ability to use the rotary controller, use voice button on steering wheel for NAV commands (instead of launching alexa), Continually update POI's, control of zoom in/out to get a clear picture of route. Cadillac+ (GM Maps+) is NOT competitive with Apple, Google, Waze or factory navigation at all at this time! This is more like an entry level, never updated app that is useless based on its intentions and can be dangerous if you don't know exactly where you are going. If I didn't use other apps or connected services with OnStar, I would cancel my subscription until this is fixed. 


We truly appreciate this candid feedback. Our team here has further documented your sentiments for internal review. Please know, we are here to help to the best of our abilities regarding any questions or concerns moving forward. Please send an email to us at with the subject line "ATTN: OnStar Community/A320Capt" if you need any assistance in the future with services. 

New Contributor

What a looser of an app. Installed in my 2020 GMC Canyon Denali this past summer and had nothing but issues. First the integration with the audio does not work. Sometimes you see who the artist is and most of the time you can do nothing with the audio interface. It's worse yet when using iHeart radio app. I have had the temp sensor fail to show after stopping and filling up with gas. When truck started, no GPS and no temp and radio controls are in la-la land. Just a poor app. Uninstalled and navigation and audio work correctly. No loss of temp and GPS. Tried this about a month ago to see if it has been fixed. NOT, still a crap app with lots of problems. I know I am not the only one with these issues, so either drop the app or fix it.

New Contributor

I didn’t try Maps+ yet but since I got points on my GM cards I’ll give it a try in a couple months. 
Apple & Google maps both suck. Each one got me lost 4 times already. I quit using both of them and I’m going back to using a real map and writing down directions on a piece of paper. The old fashioned way. 
Google actually put me in the woods in New Hampshire when I was leaving the woods somebody else was going in hope they made it out.  Last year I went 3/4 of the way across the country in 3 weeks ( round trip) Apple Maps got me lost 4 times, the 4 time I didn’t I didn’t listen to it and went my own way. 
The moral of this story is all these gps maps are completely useless.

New Contributor

An update to my previous post... Nothing has changed as far as updates to the interface are concerned. The rotary knob on the console needs to be integrated, if you use your fingers to "Zoom" in on the map it only works if your at a stop as once you start moving, the arrow goes away and you have know idea where you are! OnStar, what ever department or vendor is responsible and providing this service NEEDS to be aware of these issues and get an update pushed out ASAP! Or better yet, give us a contact to directly address our concerns! I am a "No update" away from cancelling my service with you.