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This is horrible!!! So. $15 discount? Dont hurt yourself....Guess I should just go to Bluetooth and ditch onstar

Msreese by New Contributor
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No onstar anymore?

So there is no automatic crash detection anymore? Nothing on the vehicle as far as turn by turn directions, calling, or the onstar button will work anymore? I know there has to be something better than a phone App - that is a very poor substitute.

26 Sunset yet no updates!!!

I can't believe in this day and age GM with their vast resources can't figure out how to make our 2G equipped vehicle run on a 4 or 5G network!Since I could care less about the basic features that still will work (I mostly use the remote start functi...

17721 by New Contributor
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2G Sunset - My OnStar Services?

I find this kind of ironic. This is the information from "My OnStar Services" > "My Plans" (ie. for my 2015 Chevrolet Colorado:"Your vehicle uses the 2G network, which is shutting down at the end of 2022."Then, further down the screen it s...

OnStar Link

Is anyone else incensed that for 2013 vehicles using 2g technology, OnStar's "fix" is to use a module which eliminates the three button mirror functionality, and the ability to download maps directly to your navigation unit in the vehicle??? This is ...

WIFI in my GMC Sierra

I have a 2021 GMC Sierra Denali, and I have the wifi/hotspot active on my truck. My cell service is through Verizon, and the wifi/hotspot is through AT&T... Now when I am in my truck the phone automatically connects to the hotspot AND via Bluetooth a...

frito1013 by New Contributor
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It's time to offer a real solution other than the App's limited capabilities. This is really bothering me. I have a 2015 and they can't turn it on remotely and load software updates. I mean really. It's embarrassing.

Numbers71 by New Contributor II
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OnStar Link is Garbage and Not a Solution

Had a very unpleasant conversation with OnStar about the 2022 OnStar shutdown for pre 2015 vehicles that can only get CDMA 2g service. The "solution" is a data port dongle but is barely a solution to anything. It disables the in vehicle OnStar button...

hyperlexis by New Contributor II
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Spam Calling from "OnStar"

I constantly get spammers calling me indicating that they are from "OnStar" and they will gladly give me a free month if I only confirm my PIN. I consistently say no, I'm not giving my PIN on the phone to someone who cold called me. If they can give ...

SmrtGuy04 by New Contributor
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