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GM Is producing over the wall engineering.

New Contributor

I pay for onstar hotspot. In my 2018 Silverado I had to plug the phone in for everything  to work. On my 2022 Silverado it is all wireless. It has the big screen, they are bragging  aabout. My onstar hotspot won't work on my phone, while it is connect to the truck bluetooth. All other devices connect. Onstar tells me to wait on a update. I just read the reason why it don't work. 4G and Bluetooth share the same channels. The system would have to be 5g to correct the problem. I am going to ditch onstar and just get a T mobile hotspot, that I can take anywhere and connect the truck to it. I am paying $15 a month now, but what I am getting is now is not worth that. Also, the truck informant has a screen with instructions to make your phone a trusted device, go to the mycheverolet app and going to a drop down to click on (trusted devices) That screen on the app don't exist. Onstar people tell me to wait on a update. I wonder if that is also a impossible update, that will never happen. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

We certainly regret to hear of these concerns you're experiencing with your In-Vehicle 4G LTE WiFi Hotspot. Our team would like the opportunity to look into this further. So we may do so, please send us an email to with 'ATTN: OnStar Community/Glendon' in the subject line.