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Mobile Hotspot Not Working

New Contributor

Several months ago the mobile hotspot stopped working in my GMC Acadia.  When I turn the car on I normally get a message about it connecting to my phone and then another message about the wifi being connected.  I still get the first message about the car connecting to my phone but not the second message.  And when I try to connect a phone or tablet to the car's mobile hotspot it doesn't even show up as an available network anymore.  So I took it to my local GMC dealer who did all the diagnostics and said that GMC said to replace the OnStar module.  So after waiting a while to even be able to get one, we did that.  They told me that I would have to contact OnStar to activate the new module which I did.   When that was done and I told the OnStar agent the problem I was having, they tested it and said that they could get no wifi single out of the car at all.  They said that it was probably either a loose wire or maybe it needed a new wifi module, and that I needed to take it back to the dealership.  I did and the dealership has had an open ticket with GMC for a while now with GMC coming back gathering information and with things to try to no avail.  Today I was told that GMC  is saying that I need to update the Google ID.  What???  What does Google have to do with my GMC mobile hotspot working?  How would I update it and what would I update it to?  It seems like GMC is still chasing down the path of connecting the phone to the car but that's not the problem.  The phone is connecting to the car via bluetooth just fine.  The car just isn't connecting to the satellites or wherever it gets wifi service from because there is no wifi available in the car.  Has anybody else had similar issues or know how to update the Google ID in the car?  Thank you.



This certainly is not the experience that we hope for. Our team would be happy to look into this further. So we can do so, please send us an email to Be sure to include ATTN: OnStar Community/FLDan in the subject headline. 

New Contributor

Wifi hotspot stopped working in 2019 Chevy Traverse on 12/24. After six calls overseas to where the representative only reads from a script and does not actually listen to the problem they have “reset the connection” repeatedly to no avail having me call through onstar, shut off vehicle, open and close the driver door, wait four minutes etc.  was transferred stateside to “escalate” the issue with “connection services team” which did the same lengthy procedure repeatedly with no resolution,

Called customer service now at 140 am cst and “advisor” stated she has received “several calls today regarding vehicles with no internet service working.”

Upon turning on vehicle , prompts state that vehicle is connected to WiFi hotspot xyz, IPhone shows connected to hotspot, yet there is no actual internet connection.  Pages do not load on primary iPhone or connected ipad.  Receiving zero resolution other than there is “an open ticket and you will have to call back at 9 am est to discuss with them.” 
Extremely frustrating especially when the hotspot is an integral part of being able to do my job on the road and every “advisor” is basically throwing up their hands and passing it onto the next to deal with, with NO resolution.

We do apologize for any ongoing frustrations with your in-vehicle data. Our team does understand your position, and we can certainly take a further look into your case and request contact on your behalf. If you need an additional layer of assistance, kindly email with ATTN: OnStar Community/Crubbalynch in the subject headline. We hope to hear from you soon.