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Chevy Maps+ Not Working

I recently purchased a Connected Vehicle plan for my 2022 Chevrolet Equinox. I am able to connect to the cars Wi-Fi, and I am able to use streaming apps through my infotainment system (Pandora, Spotify, etc.) but I cannot open or use the new Chevrole...

How do i cancel my account

I want to cancel this. I have life 360 and it is on our phones and works better than onstar since they made nothing work now. so how do i get this cancelled

Chevy app Maps+ not working

I deleted and re-installed. Called OnStar support twice and still not working. I was promised someone would call back and so far no one called back. Had big hopes as the app integrates with the Bolt car system and I'm planning my first EV long road t...

No Wifi, No Onstar, 2022 Silverado

I signed up again for connected services last month. It hasn't worked once. Onstar button doesn't work. I called from my phone but all they say is I'll have to take my truck in to the dealer. I don't have the time to do that. I need my truck and the ...

2023 Equinox & Navigation

I just a got new Chevy Equinox with a trial of Onstar. I tried navigation for the first time. When Onstar sends my route to my phone, it is just an arrow with turn by turn diretions. I prefer a map view sort of like google maps. Is it possible to hav...

Suzantn by New Contributor
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Chevy 2019 Malibu. Ongoing on star calls.

I still receive calls from different exchanges to the ON Star service platform. The calls only go to the vehicle and not the mobile phone. The numbers do not register on the screen or in recent history.

Malibu by Visitor
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2023 Trail Boss myChevrolet app remote start

2023 Colorado Trail BossDealer installed Chevy remote start (GM Part 86810372) on new Trail Boss before I took delivery on 07/27/2023. Key fobs work fine but can’t use myChevrolet app to start/stop. Start/Stop button not an option on app. Have Remote...

JSWKX007 by New Contributor
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Smart Driver information Request

Am I able to request a detailed form of my onstar Smart Driver activity? I see that it shows you the information for the current day and an overall for the month, but is there a way to pull a detailed log of the smart driver information for each day ...

CarlosG by Visitor
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Infotainment Profile and Preferences

I just started to set up the Infotainment Profile and Preferences on our 2019 Equinox. I have added my main OnStar/my.chevrolet.com account to our 2019 Equinox, but have lost control of the Audio/radio station/favorites after I shut off the vehicle a...

Diagnostic report was wrong. Nothing is wrong with my car.

We received multiple emails from vehiclediagnostics@onstar.com which advised that we had a major issue with our Engine & Transmission system. The alert stated that there was a problem with our starter and our car could potentially not start. It was n...

plankford by New Contributor
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