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MyGMC App Update on IPhone Broke Function(Box for download over top of Start Button)

New Contributor

The December 13th IPhone app update broke MyGMC app.  DO NOT UPDATE YOUR MyGMC a app it will break it.  The problem is a pop up box that can’t be moved wanting you to download the Guardian App.

GM - FYI 2G is not dead until December 31st.

I can’t use the start button, lock button, unlock button etc all covered up by the Guardian Download pop up box.

destroyed the functionality of the app for the last weeks of 2g

chatted online with Onstar reps they don’t care.

Hopefully I saved someone the grief of having their app broken during the arctic blast for the end of 2022.




We do understand the frustration surrounding the 2G cellular network sunset. Please know, our members' accounts are being deactivated on a staggered basis based on the end date of the month of service for your usual plan. If you have further questions about this, please email us at with "ATTN: OnStar Community/Jayhawk" in the subject line.