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Pop Up adds that "Can't" be shut off

New Contributor

I called in to try and get the pop up for "buying services" add, turned off.  Went through onstar, sent me to google.  Google said they can't turn it off.  So every time I try and place a hands free call, I can't see the working bubbles, or what name pops up, unless I take my eyes off the road to click the screen.  Also, Marisa constantly comes up as Melissa...  Every try, every emphasis!!!   Help or change!!!  Please.


New Contributor

I have the same problem. I have called 4 times and they manage to fix it for a week or so and then the messages come right back. OnStar support is useless. 

If you would like to Opt Out of receiving OnStar communications, please go to to update your contact preferences. If this doesn't work for you, please push the blue OnStar button in your vehicle or call 1-(888)-4ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827) to speak with a live Advisor. If it's more convenient, you may also send an email to with your subject line as ‘ATTN: OnStar Community/dredmer1’ so we may further assist. 

New Contributor

Unfortunately, that was the 45 minute path I originally took, with no joy.  I called into onstar, the rep said he got the pop ups turned off, hour later they are still on.  Called back, tried again, no joy.  Then I was transferred to google... I believe, becaue I was told it was a part of their software.  They spent some time looking into it, and finally concluded that it is a part of the software and can't be deleted.  So I submitted a grievance or whatever they called it, and that was all i was told I could do.  So now all I can do to try and get my brand new vehicle, That I hope to have for many years, to stop doing this, is post and get support online that enough people complain, so it gets an update or fix.  The whole google aspect of things on this truck is really disappointing me, and has become way more of a nuisance than a help.  It has also made it so my supposed safety features "Hands free" equipment, are going to either get me in trouble when a cop sees me touching my phone to make a call, or hurt.  Not happy with either option.  Please let me know if there is a higher power i can talk to next.  Going to start commenting on GMC's site next.  Thanks for listening/reading.


If you continue having difficulties with your contact preferences being updated, please feel free to send an email to with your subject line as ‘ATTN: OnStar Community/captncams’ so our team can look into this further. Our team will keep an eye out for your response.