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Can't re-add Family Member after they lost phone with permissions disabled...

New Contributor

As the subject suggests, we are trying to re-add our son to the family group after he lost his phone and he now wants to activate his permissions. It just wants him to keep reentering the code (Android).  I tried deleting him and now he shows back up, stating he has permissions turned off.
We had a similar issue with our daughter last year. She shut her permissions off on her old phone and then activated a new phone. When we sent her a new code, and then she had the same issue.  She had to reauthorize the permissions on her old phone. Now she shows up twice under our family member list. However, she is only on the map once and our son hasn't been on the map since his last phone was deactivated. 



We greatly appreciate you bringing this to our attention. For the best assistance, we ask that you please contact our GM Connection Center at 1.888.607.9774. They'll be in the best position to look further into your concerns and best assist.