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Cadillac ATS & OnStar WiFi Hot Spot security issues…

New Contributor

Hello all!

I bought my Cadillac 2 months ago, and love it, and I subscribed to the full package with unlimited data on the Hot Spot.  However, I have an issue with my new Apple iPad.  (My computer connects just fine) - but the iPad says “Weak Security - WPA/WPA2 (TKIP) is not considered secure.  If this is your network, please configure the WiFi to use WPA2 (AES) or WPA3 security type”

Now, on a normal router, I know how to easily make this change - but is this change even possible in our OnStar WiFi and if so, how?  I did find the way to change the SSID and password through the My Cadillac app, but nothing about security protocols.  Is there a fix to this or I just won’t use the iPad in the car?  Thanks very much in advance for any assistance - I appreciate it!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Our vehicles have always included both AES (WPA2) and TKIP (WPA) security protocols to support a wide range of customer devices. Most modern devices that are capable of AES protocol use that protocol when connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot for vast majority of their popular apps. We can confirm that all vehicle features are safe and are protected by our secure firewalls. If you have any issues with your In-Vehicle WiFi connectivity, please feel free to push the blue OnStar button in your vehicle and an Advisor will be happy to assist.