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Issues With Multiple Vehicles in My Account


I have 2 issues with my online account (

1. I noticed within the past few weeks that our 2 vehicles that had been listed, when I clicked on our account name in the upper right-hand corner, are no longer there.  I have to go to the "Account" page now to see them now.

2. The other issue is when I select one of our vehicles after going to the "Account" page.  After I select it, it shows the "Vehicle Overview".  When I scroll down and click on the "Vehicle Settings", the screen then shows the "Wi-Fi Hotspot" and other settings.  This issue is in the "Wi-Fi Hotspot" settings.  Most of the time it shows the correct settings in "Wi-Fi Hotspot Settings" but every once in a while, it shows bogus information for the "Wi-Fi Hotspot:" status, "Hotspot Name (SSID):" and "Password".  Another issue is when I select the other vehicle (ie. "Switch Vehicle"), it shows the Wi-Fi Hotspot information for the other vehicle.  Even if I select "Account" from our URH accout menu, and select the other vehicle and select "Vehicle Settings" it still shows the Wi-Fi Hotspot information for the other vehicle.  It does this consistently with Edge, Chrome and Firefox browers.  Even if I clear all browser data in the settings.