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Don’t receive text message alert

New Contributor

I no longer receive text message alerts when I’m driving. I have forgotten device repaired. It made sure in Bluetooth on my phone that I have selected get notifications. I’ve done this several times and nothing will work. I receive phone calls while I’m driving but when I get a text message, it no longer appears up on the stereo that I’ve got a text message



We appreciate you providing us with the troubleshooting steps you have already taken. To clarify, are you referring to OnStar Vehicle Insights via text message or your Bluetooth? Please know, Text Message Alert functionality also varies by phone. In order to use Text Message Alerts, your compatible phone must be paired with the infotainment system. For most devices, you must take an additional step during the pairing process to enable Text Message Alert functionality in the vehicle. Can you also verify the make and model of your vehicle?