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Received Flat tire e-mail notice from OnStar, but tire pressures are normal.

New Contributor

OnStar emailed me this alert this morning

One or more of the tires in your 2023 Chevrolet Corvette is flat.

- Driver Side Front
- Driver Side Rear
- Passenger Side Front
- Passenger Side Rear

Please inspect before driving. You may need to add air or change the tire.

Please disregard this message if your vehicle is already in for service. Inaccurate notifications can be generated during service."
But inspection with handheld tire gauge AND TPMS readings were "JUST ABOVE" the recommended tire pressure. Suspect bogus system alert. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for sharing this concern with us. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by the incorrect PSI showing. Technical teams are aware and have since resolved this concern. To troubleshoot, please uninstall and reinstall your mobile app. If the PSI is still showing as incorrect, please reach us at Please have your subject line as ‘ATTN: OnStar Community/BobI' so we can best assist.