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Incorrect OnStar service prompt

New Contributor

I have a 2017 Volt and have appreciated the occasional OnStar service prompts (via email) over the years. I recently received two messages, back to back. The first was regarding low tire pressure, which I happily addressed. The second identified a problem with my lithium-ion battery, noting that I should get the car serviced within the week. It turns out, after an expensive service appointment (sigh), that there is nothing wrong with the battery--but the battery in my fob was low.

So...assuming that the dealership's review is accurate, I'm left thinking that this OnStar message was either completely wrong, or that somehow the computer confused "lithium-ion" with "fob." Either way, the result is a bit unsettling, since it's now clear that I can't trust every OnStar message I receive, yet I also shouldn't ignore them. 

I wonder if this experience is shared by others.



Hello. Our team would like the opportunity to look into this concern further with you. To do so, please email us a copy or screenshot of the notification you received, as well as your OnStar account number or VIN and full name. We'll keep an eye out for your message. 


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