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Diagnostic Alert; Low Tire Pressure

New Contributor

I received a Diagnostic Alert stating my Rt Front Tire Pressure was low.


I checked the pressure, was a couple of pounds different, not anything drastically, so I added a couple of pounds. 


The following day, I receive another Diagnostic Alert stating my Left Rear Tire Pressure is low. I pull over and check it. It reads normal on my Tire Pressure gauge, but not on the Information Center.  So, I let it go and will get it checked at the next service.


This morning, I receive another Diagnostic Alert, stating my Rt Front Tire is Low. Grrrr!! I check it and it's showing the same Pressure as I set it the other day (80lbs), only NOW, my Right Front Exterior turn signal light and fender light are flashing and I cannot turn them off. ( no indication of this blinking on the instrument panel, like when you normally use the turn signals, they show on the panel. Not this. This is just on the exterior)


Are these two issues related? The TPMS, and the Flashing Lights,(that I cannot turn off.  Grrrr!!!)??






Thank you for bringing your Vehicle Status experience to our attention. If the mobile app is up-to-date on your device, we do recommend completing a Power Cycle to update your vehicle insight and ensure any diagnostics are accurate. To do so:  


1. Turn ignition on for at least 2 minutes

2. Turn ignition off and wait 2-5 minutes (so data can be collected)

3. Log out of the myChevrolet app and log back in - this may help the app refresh

4. If the concern is still not resolved, please wait 2-3 minutes and refresh the app again, as the status can take a few minutes to update

5. Drive the vehicle around for a few minutes to allow data to refresh on the app


Do not hesitate to let us know if you are still experiencing trouble.