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Added 2nd vehicle and now it’s a mess

New Contributor

Added a second vehicle to the app. Since then I can only see the second vehicle on the app. I can access the onstar data stats but nothing else. Calling onstar is an absolute waste of time. I need someone who can help me because I am sick of paying for the app access and not being able to use it to access my vehicle. I live in phoenix and want to be able to start my car from the app - I am paying for this service. Someone needs to help me sort this out now. 



To switch between vehicles within the mobile app, we have provided you with the steps below: 


1. Log into the Mobile App
2. Select the Account Anchor Menu (Your initials in the top right corner) 
3. Select the desired product
4. The newly selected product will appear on the Home screen and will show as the selected product on the Product Carousel and on the app Home screen


Once a new vehicle is selected, the vehicle carousel will close out automatically and bring you to the Home screen


If you have already completed these steps, are you having trouble accessing features such as the Remote Key Fob from your existing vehicle? Are you receiving any error codes at all? Additional details of what you are seeing within the app are appreciated. This will allow us to best assist moving forward.