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'23 Buick EncoreGX-OnStar Navigation Issue

New Contributor

On two different trips, I asked OnStar to navigate me to specific street addresses in well-established neighborhoods (that Google maps directed me to in time's past-even after new infrastructure). OnStar gave me locations of several places (supposedly) nearby and not even on the same street. UM....WHY? It's run by satellite. It's supposed to identify my location if I'm in need. Now, I wonder. I finally gave up and used Google Maps both times. Anyone have experience with this?


Community Manager
Community Manager

The OnStar map database is continually updated so we provide the most current map information available. However, the type of direction service chosen can vary the directions you are given. If OnStar Destination Download is chosen, and OnStar Advisor will locate a destination and delivers only this information to your vehicle. The navigation system within the vehicle will calculate the route, not OnStar. If your navigation system is not up-to-date, your route may vary. Should your directions ever be incorrect in the future, you are always welcome to push your blue OnStar button for assistance.