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View Plans & Pricing

Is there a simpler way to view my plan and pricing? Having to go through multiple pages is not efficient, frustrating and a complete waste of time. Why can't I simply just log in, go to my account and have my plan, its components and the amount displ...

Using my remote access plan

I activated a remote access plan only to find out my phone was no longer compatible with mychevrolet app. Is there another way to use the plan or do I need to cancel until I upgrade phone

Remote access plan

Do I need to purchase a Guardian plan to have access to the remote access plan. Can I purchase only the remote access plan and will I be able to access it on the Onstar app?

Geewhiz53 by New Contributor
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How to Change my OneStar Plan

Hi I recently purchased a new Buick 2022 last month and now that my trial period is up in 2 days for OnStar I would like to change my plan from premium to a slightly lesser plan before I am charged for the first month.I can't seem to find any informa...

Rynee18 by New Contributor
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Usage of Gps

Hello I am new to OnStar and not familiar on how to add turn by turn direccion.

New vehicle lease and transfer discounted plan

Hello,I have an existing OnStar account with Remote Access and unlimited data. The unlimited data feature is 14.99/mo from a promotion back in 2019 when I got my car.My lease is up in a couple months and I will be getting a new car. Can I transfer se...

Xerxes by New Contributor
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Smart phone auto start

Does Onstar assist with an optional smart phone auto start?

DM by New Contributor
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activate remote access

I'd like to renew/activate my remote access so i can use the mobile app to start my car. thanks

Jbingeman by New Contributor
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Auto payments

I would like to change my credit card for automatic payments

radams by New Contributor
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Resolved! Data plans; monthly vs onetime use?

At the prices as of today an unlimited monthly data plan is $300/year (@$25/month) while a Onetime Use unlimited plan is $200/year. What is/are the “fine print” differences between the two plans (other than the obvious pay-by-the-month versus an upfr...

Resolved! Employee discount status

Are GM employees and retirees eligible for discount pricing on OnStar services? I know we used to be eligible, but I can no longer find the information to obtain an authorization number.

MartyA by New Contributor
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What is Owner Center?

Owner Center is where you can view, manage and change your OnStar or Connected Services plan and find plans and pricing information tailored to your vehicle. Specifically, you can add to or select a different plan, get your vehicle mobile app informa...